Klaas Kresse

Klaas Kresse
Klaas Kresse

Assistant Professor
연구실건축설계이론과 방법론 연구실
이메일kkresse@ewha.ac.kr / K4kresse@yahoo.com

약력 | Biography
2001 Bothe, Richter, Teherani - BRT Architekten, Hamburg
2002 BSc - Architectural Engineering, Hanzehogeschool
2007 MSc - Architecture, Urbanism & Building Science, TU            Delft
2006-2008 Office for Metropolitan Architecture - OMA, Rotterdam
2009-2011 sprikk, Rotterdam
2011- klakr - office for architecture, Amsterdam
2012-2015 University of Seoul - Urban Planning and Design,
Visiting Professor
2015 - Ewha Womans University, Assistant Professor
Exchange Student Coordinator

International projects on different scale levels and has taught architectural as well as urban design. His research is focusing on new architectural typologies, the relation between architecture and public space and urban design, including the legislative and economic framework within which the designer operates.

2021-1 건축설계01, 건축설계07
2020-2 건축설계06, 건축과도시
2020-1 건축설계03, 건축과도시